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Pinpoint and manage agronomic issues with precision. With MyFarm Precision Acre from Holmes Agro, powered by Granular Agronomy, get the information you need to take control of field variability and make the most of every seed and fertility input.



Did you know that Holmes Agro is a supplier of various ice melt products?

We are happy to offer the ProMelt product line for any of your ice melt needs. ProMelt products are more effective at lower temperatures and are less corrosive compared to other options. Having the product-coloured helps with ease in application to ensure efficient use. We also offer a pet friendly ice melt product called ProMelt Enhanced!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



Our Mission Statement is to provide quality service, products and agronomic information in the area of crop inputs in order to help our customers be efficient and profitable, while being recognized as leaders in the agricultural industry.

Holmes Agro is committed to developingimplementing and demonstrating sustainable practices to help reduce environmental impacts in our community, and is committed to growers in helping them achieve the same goals.

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